RS 3 Gold

Killed california king before reset, can that mean we killed it around the release day?– i had been playing around within orb of optic and i struck escape my the ingame camera unbroken orientation and controls of orb involving oc i do not know how my partner and i took video with the wierd effects my own camera had it is fixed i only had to reception to fix still wierd though.–you ought to remake clan wars and make this where u could get capes for acquiring high kills or something i think much more people would swordplay clan wars once again its still my personal favorite mini game inside the game.

Don’t you think you guys really should have a better back-up and support services? You bearly interact with all the players if a thing goes wrong. Everyone be like " ones fault not mine, deal with that."

True but 60-95% of your complaints are the gamers fault. While may well apply to you actually, its generally players fault they botted, their mistake they got prohibited, their fault they got muted, their wrong doing they got scammed, their fault they got lured, and most often then not his or her fault they lagged and obtained killed and dropped gear. They might still interact much more though.

 I shouldn’t be "that man" but i certainly miss the years when castle wars was always’s a minor depressing.

Hello runescape I think you should spend time on updating much better things like perchance having something including grave teleports that can be used incase of a dc or smithing and you die u will not likely have to godforsaken your grave occasion getting let’s point out kc for some thing my opinion js.–By your logic we must get rid involving gravestones and just keep everything about death and doing everything a safe game,RS 3 Gold. No time having a grave if you tin instantly get time for it.

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